Friday, February 05, 2010

Top View of Fiat Matrix

View of Fiat Matrix in VX220 Heater Box

Dimensions of Fiat Matrix 245mm x 180mm

MG Control valve fitted (picture shown valve on incorrect side)

Pic belows shows the new position for the fan

Angled bracket on left to keep heater box in place (another bracket will be required for the other side) on the right you can see the new location for the speed control resistors.

Same as above but from a different angle

3" neoprene ducting and the metal colors are from the venair kit

Below shows the finished installation

If you are worried about recirculation problem by closing the control valve of in the summer time, then fit a domestic radiator valve
Pic below shows the Fiat control valve and Fiat hoses

Below shows the position for the angled collor

picture to show where the bracket is placed to hold in air box

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